Limousine & Special occasion

Rent a limo a special occasion!

Limousine rental for a special occasion, a festive event

Romantic dinner, prom, New Year's party, private party, confirmation, valet, communion, baptism, anniversary ... There are a lot of suitable events.

  • For your child, prom is a transition to adulthood. For an even nicer transition, rent them a limousine to make them feel like the real stars of the evening.
  • Our children’s first festive event at school is a vallette. By renting a limousine, the end of primary school is beautifully celebrated and imprinted in the memory forever.
  • Celebrate the festive event with a limousine transport and imprint it in a special memory, we experience each sacrament only once.
  • Are you thinking of something special, different, crazy for this new year? That’s it, renting a limousine, where champagne is a must-have toast, is the right choice. Live your dreams and we are only one call away.
  • Romantic dinner. Do you want to surprise your chosen one and conjure up a very special day for her? They are celebrating a flat anniversary. Take a limousine to the top restaurant and have a special evening, just for the two of you.
  • We drive all over Slovenia.

Every opportunity is a beautiful opportunity to rent a limousine. Take a festive event in style and be like a star.

Limousine rental!

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